& Advocacy

Whether as a stand-alone organization or through a collective voice with partners, SLSC strives to be a well-informed and strong advocate to meaningfully address social and criminal justice issues.

We conduct research projects every year that respond to the evolving landscape of criminal justice issues in Canada, and we often participate in research studies conducted by others. For us, part of being an informed advocate means conducting research that is relevant to and informed by our members, who see firsthand the issues impacting our communities.

By using what we learn, SLSC can actively engage with others to bring perspectives and expertise from across our network. Likewise, we can share perspectives and expertise from others with our network to help keep them informed about the most up to date evidence and practices that can benefit their communities. 

If you are interested in SLSC’s research projects, or interested in getting us involved with research or advocacy you are doing, please reach out to the SLSC team:

Current Priorities

SLSC regularly seeks information from our members on what they consider to be their most pressing local and national issues.  We review and organize this information into themes that guide our activities. Currently, our four priority areas are:

  1. promoting healthy environments and improving access to health and mental health care for criminalized and marginalized populations;
  2. enhancing community corrections capacity for integration supports through adequate resources and communications with Federal partners;
  3. establishing meaningful access to safe, affordable housing; and,
  4. raising awareness about community-based criminal and social justice services that directly contribute to safer, supported, and healthier communities.

We see these four priorities as being connected in ways that significantly affect justice-involved people and the broader public. Our small but dedicated team of staff and volunteers strive to take on activities each year that focus on meaningfully addressing these issues from a national perspective.


SLSC's Research

Every year, SLSC published various reports. Some are prepared as a final product of funded research projects, whereas others are prepared on a topic that is of particular interest to SLSC, our members, and/or our partners. These other reports are often prepared by placement students and volunteers, without whose help we wouldn’t be able to prepare. Some recent research reports include:

To view all of SLSC’s research and other reports, visit our Resource Library

Participating in Research

When opportunities arise, SLSC participates in and/or supports research conducted by others. SLSC is currently working on the following collaborative research initiatives:

Additionally, below are some examples of research projects and consultations conducted by others that we have participated in in the past:

"Through their dedicated delivery of essential programs, many charities have acquired a wealth of knowledge about how government policies affect people's lives. Charities are well placed to study, assess, and comment on those government policies. Canadians benefit from the efforts of charities and the practical, innovative ways they use to resolve complex issues related to delivering social services. Beyond service delivery, their expertise is also a vital source of information for governments to help guide policy decisions. It is therefore essential that charities continue to offer their direct knowledge of social issues to public policy debates.”

Advocacy & Knowledge Sharing

Drawing from the knowledge gained from our research and our members, we share what we learn with our network, partners, and other interested organizations and individuals to advance humane and evidence-informed policies and practices. 


Wherever possible, SLSC provides written and verbal consultations. Some parties reach out to SLSC to request consultations, and sometimes, we also initiate submissions on matters relevant to our mission. Below is a list of some recent consultations that are publicly available. To view a more exhaustive list, visit our Resource Library to see our other legislative reports and submissions.

Presentations & Guest Lectures

SLSC both receives invitations and submits applications to present at various conferences, symposiums, and educational institutions to share our research and knowledge. Some recent presentations SLSC has given include:

Press Releases & Open Letters

As issues arise, SLSC published press releases and open letters to share our perspective. Here are a couple examples: 

Conferences & Training Days

When we get together with our members, we often host various learning opportunities. A few recent examples include:


Since its founding, SLSC has contributed to, and been highlighted in, various media outlets. Below is a list of some of our features in media articles over the years:

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