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How We Collaborate

We know that achieving our vision for safe, healthy, equitable, and inclusive communities can’t be done alone. SLSC collaborates with a variety of partners in both formal and informal ways.

Collaboration often includes regular working groups with community and government partners, as well as individual opportunities to be consulted on key issues impacting Canadian communities. See below for some of the groups we are proud to be a part of!

If you or your organization are interested in collaborating with SLSC, or if you have specific questions, please reach out to the SLSC team:

Our Community-based Partners

Correctional Reform Coalition (CRC)

SLSC is a member of the CRC, which is made up of agencies and private individuals engaged in provincial correctional issues in Ontario.

Community Adult Justice Network (CAJN)

CAJN is a strategic leadership group dedicated to building and enhancing coordination, partnerships, education, and advocacy regarding adult justice issues in the Ottawa area.

CRF Stakeholders Working Group

The CRF (Community Residential Facility) Stakeholders Working Group works in a collaborative capacity to increase communications regarding matters of mutual concern and better understand regional disparities with respect to the community corrections sector. Members include delegates from Association des services de réhabilitation sociale du Québec (ASRSQ), the Atlantic Halfway House Association (AHHA), the British Columbia-Yukon Halfway House Association (BC-YHHA), the Ontario CRF Alliance (OCRFA), the Priarie region, and SLSC.

Fresh Start Coalition

The Fresh Start Coalition is comprised of civil society organizations, people with lived experience of the impact of a criminal record, and community members who are passionate about criminal record reform.

National Associations Active in Criminal Justice (NAACJ)

SLSC is one of over 20 members of NAACJ, an organization that’s goal is to enhance and improve the capacity of member organizations to contribute to a just, fair, equitable and effective justice system.

National Youth Justice Network

The NYJN provides a forum to strengthen youth-centered justice services in Canada through interagency collaboration, discussion of common issues, advocacy, and sharing information on best/promising practices and research.

PeerLife Collaborative

The PeerLife Collaborative (PLC) comprises of representatives from four St. Leonard’s community-based agencies in Hamilton, Peterborough, Ottawa and Windsor. They are supported in a research and advisory capacity by St. Leonard’s Society of Canada (SLSC) and Maison Cross Roads (Montreal). The PLC and its partners support a national strategy for life-sentenced persons in Canada.

Our Government Partners

Correctional Service of Canada (CSC)

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is the federal government agency responsible for administering sentences of a term of two years or more, as imposed by the courts. CSC is responsible for managing institutions of various security levels and supervising individuals under conditional release in the community.

Office of the Correctional Investigator (OCI)

The Correctional Investigator is mandated by Part III of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act as an Ombudsman for federal offenders. The primary function of the Office is to investigate and bring resolution to individual offender complaints. The Office as well, has a responsibility to review and make recommendations on the Correctional Service’s policies and procedures associated with the areas of individual complaints to ensure that systemic areas of concern are identified and appropriately addressed.

Parole Board of Canada (PBC)

The Parole Board of Canada makes conditional release decisions and contributes to public safety through the controlled, timed and gradual release of federally sentenced people back into society.

Public Safety Canada (PS)

Public Safety Canada‘s mandate is to keep Canadians safe from a range of risks such as natural disasters, crime, and terrorism. PS provides SLSC with a sustaining grant as well as other funded project opportunities. 

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