All Donors will receive a tax receipt through Canada Helps, with options to support the General Fund, The Libby Fund, or Claim a Membership. 

All Donors will receive tax receipts for their contributions, SimplyK is the only platform that gives non-profits 100% of your donations. (coming soon)

Claiming a Membership 

Donations of $50 or more entitle you to membership in SLSC. Please email us at after making your donation to claim your membership. 
  • Access to information and expertise about social justice, including a subscription to our newsletter
  • Invitations to SLSC events such as our annual conferences and AGM
  • Personal support to address your concerns about criminal justice
  • Opportunity to Connect with other members who share your concerns
  • Right to vote at all members’ meetings

The Libby Fund 

The Libby Fund was established in memory of Rev. T. Neil Libby by the Dungey family of Vancouver, and has grown through the contributions of foundations, individuals, and SLSC affiliates.

Reflecting Reverand Libby’s dedication to the importance of education in habilitation, this award supports the education of formerly incarcerated people, and the social service training, education, and knowledge-enhancement of current or prospective affiliate staff members.