St. Leonard’s Society of Canada

Founded in 1967

“Unless our society can redeem those who go astray, we can hardly call ourselves civilized; and, anyone doing the work being undertaken in St. Leonard’s halfway houses deserves the support of all who believe in human dignity.”

– Stanley Knowles, M.P.

The charitable and not for profit sector has always played a significant role in community based justice initiatives in Canada. Organizations such as the St. Leonard’s Society continue to demonstrate leadership in many areas, including coordination of services for those at the intersection of the criminal justice and mental health systems.

— Howard Sapers


To promote humane and informed justice policy and responsible leadership to foster safe communities. It:
  • Endorses evidence-based approaches to criminal and social justice;
  • Conducts research and develops policy;       
  • Supports member affiliates; and,
  • Advances collaborative relationships and communication among individuals and organizations dedicated to social justice.